My approach to photographing weddings and other events like baptisms etc is to just allow the day to flow naturally.

My skills are in capturing your day as it happens, preserving all those special, happy moments without interfering and getting in everybody's way. It is not my style to dominate your day by shouting out endless instructions and taking hundreds of photos of your wedding dress or your babies christening whilst you stand there waiting. 

I don't bring big lights distracting you and your guests, basically... I don’t take control of your day.

You are spending a long time organising your day and the most important thing will be that you just enjoy it. It is my job to let you do that whilst capturing wonderful images.

It is likely however that you will want some staged photographs of key people but your day is too important to keep you from it for too long, so I believe it is best to do these as quickly as possible, without compromising quality, and allow you to get back to enjoying your day.