I recently became a father to a wonderful, happy, cheeky little boy that has become the centre of our lives. Since our little man came along I have become acutely aware of how fast things change and how quickly precious moments are lost forever. It only seems two minutes since I could hold almost his entire little body in one hand. Now, he is near ly half my height and he knows his own mind. Before we know it he will be off to school and starting to find his way in this big wide world. 

Keeping these moments alive is so important and photography is a wonderful way to do just that. Your photographs will allow you to hold on to those precious memories forever. But remember your photographs are not only valuable for you, but for your children also. Your photographs will document your children's younger lives and they will cherish them as they grow up and have families of their own.

Why use a documentary photographer to photograph your family, when hey,  you have a mobile phone.

Well, it is true, these days everybody has a camera on their mobile and if you are anything like me you will have thousands of photos of your family on yours and really no idea what to do with them all.  

So why hire me to take even more photographs?...well here are a few points I would like you to consider:

1,  As a parent I can say, without exception, that I never have the opportunity to dedicate a whole 10 minutes, never mind an entire day, to photographing my family. Being a Dad just comes first and that is that. I know that even as a photographer I miss so much and the reason is simple. Photography is about being an observer and for me being a parent is about playing ball with my son and running around the garden after him to tickle his belly. It is about being there when he trips up and about cuddling him when he is tired. I can't do those things and have a camera in one hand at all times.

2, Mobile phones and digital cameras are fantastic and you will be, sort of, documenting the life of your family using them and its is really great to do so. However your photographs will be missing one very vital element of your!

3, I am a professional photographer with over 20 years experience, I know how to capture those unique moments under any conditions. I have the equipment to produce high quality images and the knowledge of how to bring the best out of them.

Peace of mind / DBS
I know that it will be very important for you to know that you can trust whoever it is you hire to work with your children. I know because this is very important to me also. So, with this in mind I have DBS clearance and can provide you with evidence of this upon request.

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A Day in The Life

A Day in the Life involves myself spending the day with your family to capture all your unique moments.

This can start from early morning to early evening and how the day works will largely be decided by yourself and by what you want to capture. Typically it can involve early morning at your house, then going out somewhere for the day or half a day and then coming home and settling down for the evening. But this really is up to you and the format of the day should be based around what suits your family and what will tell the true story of your family. 

What is important is you feel comfortable and relaxed for documentary family photography is about recording your family as you are, all the laughter and the smiles and the tears. It is about the jumping around having fun, painting a yet another masterpiece or finding bugs in the garden. It is about feeling sleepy needing hugs. It is about the ordinary, the everyday, the making sandwiches and packing the car.  All the little things that go together to make your family who they are. It is my job to capture all of that and present you with a collection of wonderful images.

Your day will not be about me telling everyone what to do all the time and making you pose for awkward photographs.

Oh, and one more thing...let's keep it natural, no stressing about tidying everything up and having everything and everyone looking perfect...let's keep all that for the studio shots!

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A snapshot of life

A Snapshot of Life is largely the same as a Day in the Life but instead of being for a whole day it is just for 2 hours. It can be at your house, in your garden or out and about somewhere. Again it is largely up to you and what you want to do.

For examples of  'A Snapshot of Life' session view this Gallery


Birthday Parties or any other idea you may have

I am also available of birthday parties and open to any other ideas for a photo session you may have. Feel free to contact me to discuss whatever you may have in mind.